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easy method to Advertise on Facebook in (2021-22): Facebook Ads / Pixel Guide (In-Depth Guide)

Easy Method To Advertise On Facebook In (2021-22): Facebook Ads / Pixel Guide (In-Depth Guide)

The easiest method to Advertise on Facebook in 2021-22: Facebook Ads / Pixel Guide In-Depth Guide.

This Guide is written for the purpose of value 

How to run Facebook ads and install Pixel in 2021-22 step by step guide, you want to know everything about Facebook ads for this guide people are charging hundreds of dollars but we believe in giving you free content without spending your money which helps you in becoming the expert in Facebook ads.

Monthly active users on Facebook 2021

In 2021 Facebook have more than 2.7 billion active users on Facebook, Facebook have the LARGEST ACTIVE DATABASE in social media. This number can rise up to 3 billion within the next 5 years.

Facebook advertisement in 2020 or in past years gives positive results to every Individual or Businesses to connect with audiences who are on the internet with the largest social media network Facebook.

Facebook Ads library and pixels are extremely helpful and powerful tools for growing the business.

You want to know about everything when you are going to dive on Facebook Advertisement if you dive without knowledge you will waste your money and time.

Don’t worry in this full guide we’ll walk to know everything you want to know about Facebook ads strategy, types of ads, and How to create Facebook ads step-by-step.

Method to advertise on Facebook -

Method to advertise on Facebook

Two foundation Pillar for Facebook ads/Pixels

1. Facebook Ads Business Manager

2. working Facebook Pixel

Facebook Business Manager: This work platform is given by Facebook, so you can easily set your ads and properly run them and control them. It is not mandatory but if you are not using a Facebook business manager, Then you will face some trouble in the future. It’s an official tool by Facebook to manage and maintain commercial business activities. 

Working Facebook Pixel:Facebook pixel is one of the extremely powerful tools given by Facebook to track your conversions, social budget leads, and every single behavior of your targeted audienceFacebook Pixel Extension.

Method to advertise on Facebook Campaigns & objective for Facebook ads

log in to your Facebook business manager, click on Facebook ads Manager.

  1. Select the Campaign Tab. 
  2. Click Create.

Facebook gives you 11 Objective’s for Different Goals

Three Different Types of Column you will see.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

Awareness: This column mostly used for brand awareness or for political campaign , but now Facebook’s new policy will not promote any political content.

“This objective use to show more and more people your ads”

  • Brand Awareness: Introduce your brand or Aware your Product or service to a new audience.
  • Reach: Show your ads to many people and increase reach.

Method to advertise on Facebook - ads Objective

  • Traffic:  Send or Drive traffic to a specific website, Application, Messenger.                                                      
  • Engagement:  Get your Post, content, Offer, Page to more and more people so they will engage like, share, comment on your post or offers.                                                                          
  • App Installs:  Get more application installation.                                                                               
  • Video Views:  Increase your video views and get more views to watch your video content.                                                                                        
  • Lead Generation:  Get more leads to your business.                                                                                        
  • Messages:  Have more messages related to your business using a Business manager.                                                                                    
  • Conversion:  Get people to take a specific action on your website like take your offer, buy a product or subscribe to your service. Using Facebook business manager.                             
  • Catalog sales:  show your product with a different variety of colors or a variety of products.                                                                                                                                                      
  • Store Traffic: Drive more traffic to the store or show your offer, events, products so on.

Select an objective depends on your goals for the particular ad.

Bonus Point Conversion-oriented objective (sales) you can pay per action or for exposure objective (traffic and views)  have to pay per impression.

Facebook ads campaign optimization

Ads Steps

Step 1: Choose your objective, we are choosing the Traffic option, Then click on continue.

Step 2: Name your campaign.

Facebook ads campaign name

Scroll Down A/B testing for more you can visit the AssetAssethandsetoption  Learn more

Campaign budget optimization  - Facebook Ads & Pixel

If you are running more than One Ad so you can click on campaign budget optimization, this feature is used for more than one Ad Facebook will automatically optimize your ads and check which Ads are performing better than others and give you accurate results.

Facebook ads campaign optimization

We are running at this time 1 ad so turn off this option. Then click on Next.

When you are jumping to the Ad set level you want to know about Ad set level depends on which objective you choose.

Step 3: Give Ad set Name

Select the traffic source where you want to Drive.

Dynamic creative

Dynamic creative is a great optimization tool when you’re unsure what is good for your ads with different audiences. Dynamic creative has different components such as images and headlines, and we’ll automatically generate combinations optimized for your audience.

Facebook never recommended using this option so keep it off.


Offer tools are very effective for local areas;

For example 

You just open a new cafe and run ads on local areas giving offers like getting a 10% Discount or buy one get one free, and target all those people who live in your area.

The offer option is for a specific time or targeted audience most likely.

Budget and Schedule 

Now, choose your daily or lifetime budget then choose time to schedule; start date, and end date or time.

If you want to reach your ads more and more people you can select the Delivery type.

Target your Audience

Now you can select your audience or do detailed targeting.

  1. Custom Audience: If you have custom audience Data or look like an audience you can select it otherwise create a new audience. You can also use the Include or Exclude option for creating your audience.
  2. Select Location which country, City, Area you want to target. You can include or exclude also, for example, if you want to show your ads in India some particular places like Mumbai, Delhi, etc choose the Include option or if you don’t want to show your ads in some particular places like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh you can choose to exclude Option.
  3. Select Age, Gender Depends on your goal.
How to do detailed targeting on Facebook
  • Detailed Targeting: You can use this for Specific targeting detailed targeting is Powerful choose Behaviour, Demographic, interests.  Facebook also gives preference to use detailed targeting effective for your Ads and gives you stunning results. You can include or exclude it also. It helps amazingly for aiming the exact audience of your business It’s extremely great for internet/digital Earning-based businesses like affiliate marketing or Shopify and also for big business brands who have huge & versatile audiences.
  1. Choose Demographics, Behaviour, interest. Click on the browse button.
pixels detail targeting

2. Once you select a created audience, you can narrow it,  Ads set, the, of down, also keep in mind that don’t more than 2 Narrow down if you do more narrow down Facebook will be confused.

pixel detail targeting
  1. Narrow down further if you want a more targeted audience but remember audience size also decreasing.   
  2. Select language, when you are selecting English language select English (All).

When you are creating an audience for your ads Facebook shows you audience indicator or Potential reach, remember this audience size is just estimated not fixed Facebook gives you an idea so keep in mind.

Estimated daily results also estimated that means not guaranteed some time over some time average or sometimes low so keep in mind this point also.

  • Connection: Who already likes your Page or already interacted with your page or site you can exclude or include, depends on your goal. For example, if you are running a Facebook page-like the campaign but your ads also show all those people who already liked your page so you can choose the exclude option.
Facebook pixels connection

 “Effective Targeting in Facebook is key to Maximizing ROI”

How to choose Facebook Ads Placement
  • Automatic Placement: If you are a beginner you don’t know where your ads performing well.  Facebook recommended Automatic placement. Facebook will automatically place your ads across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc where your ads running performing well Facebook will be managed.
  • Manual Placement: You can place your ads in a favorable location according to your business goals.
  • Device Type: Mobile, Desktop, or both.
  • Platform: Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, or Audience Network.
  • Placements: Feed, Explore, Stories, messages, in-articles, app, or website.
  • Specific mobile devices and operating systems: iOS, Android, feature phones, tablets, or all devices.
Facebook ads

Select NEXT Button

Facebook campaign

Give your ad Name

Facebook Ads name

Step 1: Select Facebook Page or Instagram account

Facebook Pixels Name

Step 2: Add Setup

Single Image or video: You can make your ads only with a single image or video also.

Facebook Pixel Image
  • Carousel: Facebook gives you to use 10 images to showcase your services or products on a carousel.
  • You can show on carousel ads a variety of products or products colors.
Facebook Carousel Pixels

Source Facebook

Collection: In this collection of ads Facebook offered you to sell your product without any website or get instant experience to your customer without leaving Facebook.

Facebook Collection

Source Facebook

Ad Creative

  • Add Media 
  • Add images or Video.

How to write Facebook Ad Primary Text, Headline & Description

When you are writing primary text keep in mind 125 words must be needed at least you want to show Facebook you are giving all information about your product or services.

Facebook Ads text



It’s a LIMITED TIME OFFER  and the countdown has already started

…It’s a LIMITED TIME OFFER  and the countdown has already started


Your Internet Web IDENTITY with just 169/-Rs. Per month ….💰

Don’t you think it’s cheaper than your 2 days expense?

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Don’t waste…

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✅ 50 GB SSD massive storage

✅ FREE SSL certificates (No Charges)

✅ A daily security MALWARE Scan (to protect your data from virus)

✅  And yes a complete FREE. Domain for 365DAYS

✅. Unmetered Bandwidth ( to reduce your networking issues)

✅.  FREE Cloudflare CDN.

✅ 25 Sub Domains.


All this in only ₹169/-

So what’s stopping you

It’s cheaper than the price of pizza 🍕…

Switch yourself to the Internet today…

One time deal if it’s gone it’s  GONE 


Link below

Headline Must be 25 Characters or Description must be 30 Characters.

  • Then give your website or where you want to drive traffic links.
  • Then Publish it.

5 Tips for - Method to Advertise on Facebook Ads

  • Use Facebook Pixel: If you still don’t know how to use a pixel CLICK and read.                       
  • Keep changing your ads: Keep doing changes to your Facebook ads or ads strategy.           
  • Use Good quality videos or images: Use good quality images and videos for ads because “the first impression is the last impression”                                                                                   
  • Start with Narrow Audience: Start with a narrow audience then go too slowly wide for example: sell iPhone cover, charger, etc then track performance and wide your audience then sell iPhone and iPhone cover, charger so on with the wider audience.                          
  • Track and Optimize your Facebook ads performances: Track always and keep doing changes according to you with ads, adapt, a campaign that is performing well, and continue it. 

Facebook Pixel Install for Marketers (Complete Setup & Use)

Facebook pixel is one of the Very Powerful tools given by Facebook to track your conversions, social budget’s leads, and every single behavior of your targeted audience: Powerful Facebook Pixel.

If you are using Facebook ads – everything you want to know about Powerful Facebook pixel tools also, here’s you can see how to use Facebook pixel and benefits.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a tracking code given by Facebook to use on your website. When you are running Facebook ads then Facebook pixel collects all data conversions from Facebook ads, Optimize ads & retarget your audiences. 

Facebook pixel / Pixel Extension is a piece of code 1:1 which is used for tracking behavior and Actions which visitors might be taking on your website or Facebook Page or your content respectively which can be associated with your Facebook ads.”

In Layman Term it is tracking the code of your website visitor’s behavior.

Facebook pixel collects all data and triggers cookies who visited your website or interact with your website.

What are Facebook Conversion Pixel and Facebook Custom Audience Pixel?

Facebook conversion tracking pixel taken back by Facebook in 2017. If your Facebook conversion pixel still using, you will need to switch it now. If you are using an old pixel and you want to upgrade your pixel, read this instruction on how to upgrade Facebook’s current pixel on Facebook Pixels Helper.

How to Set Up a Facebook Pixel on WordPress Website?

Step 1:  Go to a Facebook Business ManagerThe dashboard recheck behaviors pixels. The dashboard instructions WordPress the instructions check More Tools.

wordpress pixel facebook

Step 2: Click On Event Manager, there will be a Pixel option you can select. Facebook keeps changing always, So you can keep in mind.

WordPress Facebook pixel

Step 3: Click on create Pixel for new Facebook Business account. The dashboard pixels will look like this, If you face any trouble then you can visit Facebook pixel helper guide.

step 3 Facebook pixel WordPress

1.Name your Pixel. ( Base code Pixel )

Create Facebook Pixel -

Facebook pixel code

2. Entre your website URL.

3.Click Create.

Facebook gives only one pixel for a Per Ads account, so keep in mind when you are creating a Facebook pixel. If you want to create more pixels, then you can do it from Facebook Business Manager.

In Facebook two types of code.

Step: 4 Add the pixel code to your website. 

You can check there are several ways to install pixels for this Option.

(a) like for e-commerce platforms like Squarespace or a tag manager like Google Tag Manager.

You can also check Facebook helper articlesWordPressthe instructions WordPressthe recheck Install the Base code: This option all marketers are using for better performance.

  1. Click Manually Install the Code Yourself.
Facebook pixel code

Now you can Install Plugin HFCM ( Header Footer Code Manager ) For WordPress Websites.

Facebook pixel header footer
  1. Copy and Paste Pixel Code into the header code of your website, if you are using a coding website otherwise HFMC ( Header Footer Code Manager ) is The  Best way for WordPress Website.
HFMC pixel

Add new

2.Snippet Name eg Fb pixel 


pixel snippet

3.Paste your pixel Base code ( Snippet/Code )


Facebook Pixels base code

(c) If you have a developer you can contact for Email instructions recheck.

How to Check or Verify Facebook Pixel Installed in WordPress?

Step: 1 Search on google Facebook pixel helper Extension.

Step: 2 Add this Extension on your Chrome if you are not using Chrome you want to install without Chrome Extension you are not able to Install it.

Step: 3 Match your Pixel Id on the instructionsPixel helper extension.

You can check if green signals are showing that means Pixel Set up Working well.

Facebook pixel helper extension

Step: 2 Add this Extension on your Chrome if you are not using Chrome you want to install without Chrome Extension you are not able to Install it.

Step: 3 Match your Pixel Id on the instructionsPixel helper extension.

Pixel Helper Id
Powerful Facebook Pixel

You can check if green signals are showing that means Pixel Set up Working well.

How to Install Pixel on Shopify?

Step 1: Login your Shopify store.

Facebook pixel on shopify

Step  2 Check Facebook pixel ID Section, Paste your Pixel ID.

Facebook Shopify

Step: 3 Click on Save Button.

Facebook pixel on shopify

How to Verify Pixel Installed on Shopify?

  • Visit your Shopify store.
  • Check on the pixel helper extension mark</> Blue color and check your pixel ID if showing successfully installed, if showing error recheck. Successfully installed the event.
  1. Event Code

“Event code is a code where you can track every single event of every single page or track performance, behaviors of your audience.”

Facebook Pixel Eventcode
Facebook Pixel Eventcode

Type of Event Code - Facebook Pixel

  1. Add Payment info: When someone fills in payment information then Add Payment info code triggered
  2. Add to cart: If your visitors just add to the cart some product or service and leave your website then you can re-target. All those visitors using Add to Cart pixel Code.
  3. Donate: Someone can donate.
  4. Subscribe: If someone subscribes to your product or service your Event code easily to track.
  5. Submit Application: If someone applies for any service, product, webinar and submit an application code will be useful.
  6. Add to Wishlist: You can re-target all those visitors by Facebook ads that are more interested in your items. You can add this code on your website if your website has a Wishlist and show the same visitors that Add items on the Wishlist.
  7. Complete registration: If you are doing any webinar, events, so on so you can use this complete registration code, you can exchange email, Name, etc on behalf of your services or products.
  8. Contact: This code you can use telephone calls, messages so on you so you can reconnect with your visitors or customers.
  9. View content: How many times your product or landing page views by visitors, This code you can post on the product page or landing page, to track particular pieces of content.
  10. Purchase: When once your customer purchases any product or service create a thank-you page, use this Purchase code on the thank-you page. When you are launching a new product or service so you can re-target with this Purchase Pixel code.
  11. Lead: This event code is used on a Thank you page after a customer gives you their name, E-mail, or some details so you can re-connected with their Details with a lead magnet.
  12. Initiate Checkout: Use this event code on where someone begins checkout on your website.
  13. Search: If someone is searching on your e-commerce website like Hoodies so you can paste this code on your Search Bar.

How to Install Event code?

Step 1: Go to the Event Manager.

Step 2: Click on custom Conversion

Facebook eventcode

Step 3: Select your Data Source Pixel.

Facebook Eventcode

Step 4: Choose a standard event for optimization.

Step 5: Paste your Page URL or select your Page.

Bonus Point If you do not have a website, don’t worry. Facebook gives you the option so Facebook pixel you can also install third-party websites or applications like a teachable, landing page, and others.

How does Facebook Pixel Improve your Targeting Ads or give a better Experience?

When you are creating your new campaign’s Facebook pixel will help you to target a more saturated audience. You can create a custom audience also based upon Facebook pixel.

Use the Pixel to generate leads

If you give a free e-book or any service or offer so, you can run Facebook ads and get the audience to thank-you page before, taking free offer they will fill your form, which means you get lead Facebook pixel will be store information and help you to re-targeting your audience on next Ads.

I suppose some visitors come to the landing page but they do not opt to the thank-you page, Facebook Pixel will help to re-target all those visitors who visited your landing page.

Facebook Pixel is a tool where you can use and re-generate an audience or create a detailed targeted audience.

How to use Facebook Pixel by Revolve Case Studies.

The Fashion brand Revolve uses Facebook ads with Facebook pixel they generated 28% ROI Through Facebook Ads.

The question is –  HOW?

Revolve running Facebook ads, related to niche once visitors click on Revolve Facebook ads they will land on their website Facebook pixel will help to create a Lookalike audience for new ads, Revolve know the Power of Facebook pixel and Facebook ads. 

We’ve learned that our customers are attracted not just to the clothing, but to the aspirational lifestyle, the clothing represents. Now, with Facebook’s value-based lookalike audiences that we can create from our web traffic, we have a way to find more valuable prospects—and to generate more revenue—all based on data.

Ryan Pabelona

Director of Performance Marketing Revolve


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