Digital Sales

Digital Sales – Effective & Efficient

DIGITAL SALES - Effective & Efficient

Trying to generate Digital Sales but Facing trouble in online sales generation process. How all this Internet sales work, How digital sales process provide you exact customer and massive profit. Have a look on this you will find all the sales related solution in one go.

What are digital sales

Sales occur through a digital or a virtual Platform of a  problem-solving product that is goal-oriented and specific is considered under digital sales

The word digital itself indicates that going through the internet, working, managing, and executing tasks on the internet. The task can be generating sales or providing value to someone, nurturing your audience, or converting them into customers.

Everything which is done on the internet with the aim to produce sales in market is a part of digital sales.

Type of Sales

The sales cycle is the Exchange of the Commodity or services between a merchant and a consumer, where money is considered as a medium of transaction & conversion between both persons.

The outflow of Products from merchants and the outflow of money from buyers complete one cycle of sales, resulting in the inflow of cash to merchant or seller and the inflow of product or services to the buyer.

Moving ahead on types of sales

There are a variety of sales in the market, 2 major divisions are here-

On the basis of Product

  1. Physical product sales 
  2. Digital Product Sales 

On basis of medium of sales

  1. Physical medium (traditional market selling)
  2. Digital Medium selling

Physical product sales -

The normal buying and selling of physical product which takes place every day in the market.

Physical product is that that are not virtual for example purchasing some product from amazon for household purposes or day to day life use will be considered as the physical product.

Like if you purchase a laptop it’s a physical product that is tangible so it will lie under physical product sales you can touch & feel it but the medium of sales is digital because that is purchased from an E-commerce platform. 

Digital Product Sales

Digital Product is a virtual product that is intangible but it has its market worth. Mainly Digital products are for educational purposes or problem-solving products.

Like online courses, Bootcamps, video lectures, Internet training all this comes under digital products. software, applications these are the problem-solving product that is manufactured or designed for some specific goal these are also a part of the digital commodity.

Buying and selling of these products appear under Digital Product sales.

Usually, these products are purchased through the personal websites of various mentors or by some organization/institute that is providing them.

Software and applications which are problem-solving products generally built by a team or a company that finds an obstacle and then created computer software as a solution.

variety of sales

In the Present market, there are a variety of sales

  1. Inside Sales 
  2. Client service providing sales 
  3. B2b Sales
  4. B2c Sales 
  5. Lead Generation Sales 
  6. Online Sales
  7. Outside sales
  8. Transactional sales

Inside Sales -

In inside sales a company sales teamwork on existing customers. It means they are trying to generate more sales within their company.

Inside sales are more accurate than regular sales these sales are a part of physical product sales. Inside sales tend to be more precise and less time-consuming with a well-settled structure where the process is automated & even more predictable.

This process is of sales more accurate because a well-known satisfied customer is retargeted with the new and modified product as in result the person is already using that product so there is a high percentage probability of generating sales from him.

Inside Sales Marketing

Phones to the Internet on Tv, AT&T provides services to a large number of customers. The inside sales of the company focused on their existing leads and customers where they have high chances to close the sales by understanding the customer needs and providing solutions according to them.

Clients service providing sales

Clients service providing sales is related to inside sales in this sales a client service executive is responsible for the needs and demand of the customer. They have to build strong business relations with their client so that their existing clients remain with them and they can get some more clients.

The sales’ focused objective is to satisfy the client with the service, generate recurring sales with the existing client, and maintain positive relations with them.

B2b Sales

Business to Business Sales 

B2b sales work in both types of products & services Physical and Digital. This sale means that company/business organization provides products/services to another company instead of providing that services to individuals in the market which is considered as B2b sales.

How B2b work in physical and digital products.

Digital products

A company provides it is Physical products/services to another company in process of creating a finished product for customers


  • Salesforce is one of the biggest B2b service a company that provides an integrated CRM platform that includes marketing, sales, and commerce services to other businesses.

Salesforce provides B2b AND B2c services. In B2b sales it provides marketing tools facility, website building facility to other businesses which help them scale their own business.

Sales Force CRM

B2c Sales -

Business to consumer sales, where businesses target the individual in this sale both physical and digital products are included.

In day-to-day life, everything we purchase or any service we use all come under B2c where we are consumers and the seller or provider is a businessman.

Everything we consume from marketing is a part of B2c sales. B2c is the short sales cycle 

We purchase products from Amazon that are direct B2c sales. Whereas for a vendor or merchant who is listed on Amazon as a seller for him Amazon becomes an intermediate and the sales model changes into B2b because now Amazon has become a middleman between consumer and vendor.

Lead Generation sales

Lead Generation sales are for a new business contact in physical business this is done by a salesperson who has the responsibility of collecting new data and contacts for business scaling to generate more sales. This can also be done by networking in the physical world which opens some hidden potential sales for the business.

Lead generation can also be done with the help of new technology and techniques of digital marketing.

Digital marketing techniques made the lead collection so easy with the help of customer query form, Feedback suggestion in these forms customer has to fill in their details so that the client servicing team can get back to them with a solution and in return, they get their details and leads. 

These methods of digital marketing make lead generation so easy, less time-consuming, less manpower required, and even reduced the cost.

Online Sales

Buying and selling products/services through the internet which involves digital medium is simply considered as online sales or Digital sales.

The most common type of sales in the modern world. Internet/online sales in the last few years when digitalization is rapidly increasing online sales also increased massively. 

In internet sales, the most crucial factor is a Landing page to attract a potential customer, and to convert traffic into sales a powerful landing page is required.

Not only a landing page proper advertisement is also necessary to pull the traffic to that landing page.

Online sales are very effective in cost the products are a lot cheaper than the normal physical market the reason no middle man is involved. This sales structured is considered as one of the highest return generating methods for earning heavy profit.

Product Positioning, Traffic, Audience targeting, Social media, and automation are some essential factors in Online sales. 

Source –

The above picture shows the increasing trend of online sales.

Outside Sales

The outside sales are considered as traditional sales where face-to-face interaction with the customer is done no digital medium the sales are closed by one on one conversation.

In this sales, the person spends maximum time in meeting with different people the motive of synergy is to generate more business.

The outside sales are so time-consuming process and expensive but also crucial for building networks and contacts for future business. Which somehow helps them in creating brand and loyalty in the market and a strong relevant position. For closing a sales in outside sales a skilled person is required who has good knowledge of speaking and influencing skill.

Transactional Sales

This sales method’s motive is to make quick money. The seller’s aim is just to sell the product no emphasis on learning the customer’s original problem, no interest in building long-term relationships.

Transactional sales is a short sales cycle, only one decision-maker is their and quick decisions are taken. Very low chances of returning a customer in the future. Transactional sales occur on low price products.

A simple example is you went to a shop and purchased a packet of snacks you give money & shop owner give you the packets and that’s it the sales is over. one-on-one quick sale no customer relation is built.

Types of Digital sales

E-Commerce sales

Individual Product  service/sale

Method of Digital Sales

Generating Digital sales depends on a variety of factors and all are interlinked with each other on several levels.

Online sales are much similar to traditional sales the major and the most important factor is that on physical sales face-to-face/ one-on-one interaction and in digital sales the interaction is based on the internet.

Digital Sales Through Paid Ads

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Individual Website Ads

Facebook Ads -

The name itself describes the definition of Facebook Ads this is one of the major factors of generating digital sales.

In this, the product owner or service provider run paid Ads on Facebook in front of their specific and targeted audience which immensely helps him in generating sales.

According to Advertisement and audience quality, Facebook charges. Sometimes your Ads Budget becomes a decisional element whether you will generate sales or not.

Individual Website Ads

In this type of Ads the service/Product provider approach to personal website owners, the website which is having a large audience on that niche.

Example –  A website owner has monthly average traffic (let’s say) 20,000 visitors per month so another website owner who wants to advertise will approach him and pay some amount to put his ads on the website. Now that 20,000 people will see that Ad.

The simple principle behind this is clear people wants to advertise & they search for audience.  

The more audience you have  – The more ads opportunity you have

Because people want to advertise on your website 

Digital Sales Ads Example

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing strategy is also one of the methods for increasing digital sales. SEM is a technique in form of internet marketing where website promotion is done by paid advertisement. There is a minor difference between paid ads and SEM. In paid ads, direct product/service promotion ads are run whereas in SEM main website ads are run on google itself.

In SEM the advertiser pays money to google to show his ads on the top of the specific keyword which automatically grabs the attention of the searchers on the Ads they rank on the top of every result.

SEM directly affects increasing the digital sales for a new searcher who is searching that keyword the first time the Ads on top work as a goodwill mark & Eye-catching. Data says that less than 20% of the visitors click on the ads which are on top of that search result rest go for the organic ranked search. 

Search Engine Marketing
Google Ads.

Image 2

In the above images, you can easily understand how the SEM works 

In Image one we searched for the keyword “Digital Marketing In the USA” and the top 4-5 results all are Ads of different digital marketing Company that is on a broad keyword.

On the second image, there was a navigational keyword “Prime Videos” in this company amazon prime video Ads are on top of the search.

SEM is quite similar to PPC – Pay per click, in this the advertiser only pays when people click on that results according to that he has to pay.  SEM is also Paid search which advertisers put on SERPs search engine results pages but not each clicks counts on it like PPC. 

SEM is also a great way to boost the Digital sales of your Product

Social Media Marketing

The most trending Industry in the current  Digital world is Social Media.

The Massive audience on social media leads us to the next Digital sales method: social media marketing.

There are multiple social media platforms Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many

Day by Day social media platforms like Instagram, youtube is getting extensive millions of traffic.

Follow are some statists of Instagram –

Instagram statists
Instagram engagement

The Traffic Analysis 

Instagram Ads Cost more than FACEBOOK ads 

Instagram & facebook ads

Source – Adespresso

As long as your audience is on Instagram your sales will occur continuously.

The data is acutely depicting that the traffic on Instagram is so huge and people of every taste, fashion, and community are in one place that makes the Ads targeting so easy which magically helps in generate digital sales through Instagram under social media marketing technique

One more piece of data shows that more than 55% of fashion shoppers, purchase fashion stuff based on the influencer post this method of marketing and generating digital sales is also known as Influencer Marketing this marketing strategy is introduced in the last few years in the industry.

This data shows how easily Digital sales can be generated with the digitalized social media marketing strategy that boosts sales. The only thing is to find the targeted audience and then run the Ads with the product story which will surely bring the sales.

Landing Page method

A method that guarantees 45% conversion if done strategically, let’s understand this 

In the landing page method  of  digital sales generation, a proper page is built for the viewers where the skill of storytelling and copywriting is used to write a script for sales which we generally call as Written sales letter.

On this page different elements are used to make it more and more effective from a sales point of view. Paid ads are only for building a brand, generating brand recall value, and redirecting traffic to the main website from Ads. Sometimes Ads generate sales sometimes not, but the chances of sales close increase a lot on the Landing page.

Some main factor which is crucial for a product landing page.

  1. Eye-catching Headline
  2. Testimonials (written & video)
  3. Feature with benefits 
  4. Offer

Let me show you an Example of Landing Page Copy

So in the above landing page, you closely see how a page script is designed for the maximum outcome, this method is quite expensive because in this you need a welcome page, product page (landing page), and a thank you slide to complete the whole structure.

A good landing page can convert up to 60% of the total traffic and the rest can be nurtured, retargeted again.

Email Marketing Sales technique- underrated but effective digital sales approach.

Email Marketing is an expensive way of generating sales but it is considered one of the most reliable methods of marketing and generating sales.

Due to lack of the proper knowledge, maximum people do this in a wrong way which leads to zero sales but the marketing and businesses know how to use this effectively beat every competition with the maximum sales generation.

It’s simply based on Leads, targeting, offer, and again retargeting.

How to Generate Sales From Email

  1. Collect Leads from your website or Ads
  2. Develop an automation process
  3. Target and pitch them Email – Welcome pitch
  4. Pitch the offer Email for Conversion
  5. Re-Target them with various Offers.

Email Sales

There are more than 290+ billion Emails that are transferred every day, Now you can have an idea of how huge an audience is available on Email.

Just imagine if only 10 Million Emails are related to your industry, Niche that is only 0.29% of the total emails which are shared regularly. 

so you can calculate how large an active audience & consumers are available for your sales just need to find them and pitch your product

The image, presenting the data clearly.

The biggest advantage which helps in profit is ROI ad email marketing generates 43% of ROI on every single dollar and that is a massive conversion rate.

More than 80% of businesses are depending on email marketing which proofs the concept of sales from email.

Why Sales through the digital mediums are more preferred than the traditional sales

Marketing is the act of connecting with customers with a bid to convince them towards buying a product or subscribing to a service. Marketing, in whatever form, is one of the key activities that every business must partake in, as no business can survive without effective marketing and publicity.

Digital marketing is any action carried out using any electronic media towards the promotion of goods and services. This is a primarily internet-based activity aimed at selling goods or providing services.

Source –

Low cost:

Marketing and advertising cost is one of the biggest financial troubles that businesses have to carry. Large businesses can easily carry that cost cause their market is huge and profit margin is lump sum but, for small businesses, this may be impracticable or an unendurable problem. Marketing via digital platforms offers a more affordable alternative to the traditional method. They create as much impact yet costing way less.

Huge return on investment:

When it comes to business nothing matters instead of Return on investment and  Digital marketing offers a substantial return on small investments. Advertising campaigns on social media platforms cost little when compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Easy to measure:

The Success or Failure of a digital campaign can easily be tracked. Compared to traditional methods where you have to wait for weeks or months to evaluate the results of a campaign, with a digital campaign you can know almost immediately how an ad is performing.

Marketing software allows users to track the performance of their emails; you can know how many were delivered, how many were read and learn all about their conversion rates. Google Analytics is a very effective tool for measuring specific goals to be achieved on a website or blog. Google trend will tell you the current trend of the market Google AdWords manager allows users to monitor the performance of their ads on Google search; you can have the exact data about your ad performance. 

Precise targeting:

The traditional means of marketing use the spray and pray method, where an ad runs over a platform with substantial reach with the hope that a few people who love what they see, hear, or read would make a positive approach. Marketing over digital platforms, on the other hand, allows for targeted campaigning where ads are presented to customers based on their preferences or initial action. Take, for instance, transactional emails (order confirmation emails, receipt, password reset) which will only be sent to customers following their action towards the business. In other words, customers get only what they ask for.

Greater engagement:

The cyber-world is getting noisier by the day, and any product or service that your business offers is most likely also being offered by thousands of other businesses. The average bounce rate on websites increased and the attention span of visitors is dropping. When visitors to a website do not immediately find what they are looking for, they leave for an alternative.

The key to staying relevant and keeping customers in this highly competitive business world is to ensure continuous engagement with your audience. Effective marketing allows businesses to stay competitive and relevant by engaging with customers through different digital media channels. These platforms allow businesses to answer customer questions, alleviate misconceptions, and even generate sales. This can be achieved via regular useful blog posts, newsletters, shows, promotions, and special offers.

The idea is to hold the attention of your customers for as long as possible while building a credible reputation.


The world, they say, has turned into a global village. This has been made possible via digitization. Digital marketing allows ad campaigns to be visible in any part of the world. This gives small start-ups the rare opportunity to go global via the immense exposure provided. The internet abounds with stories of start-ups that became hugely successful over a small period due to the opportunities created thanks to the global nature of marketing via digital platforms.

New sales Approach

The new sales approach with changing times is completely a turn the sales methodology in the market. 

In modern times the customer wants the product conveniently without a headache 

Easy, effective, safe, and good quality product. Because of this problem, some people came up with the solution in the market today we know them as business tycoon Amazon, Flipkart.

Who provides all the market product on your mobiles phones apart from this.

Sales approach which is more effective today are based on some sales model

We are focusing on digital sales our whole content is revolving around digital sales and sales through digital marketing.

But for clear comparison, if we take traditional sales on one hand there is a salesman who is highly trained in communication skills and for sales closer.

He uses to frame questions and scenarios in this manner that customer ends up buying the product or services. In short, more than 70% of the time, customers get convinced and agree with whatever the salesman says.

In traditional sales model, the biggest pros are that there is a proper person for sales who is highly trained  for sales generation 

On the second hand, we came on digital medium

In this, you are selling things virtually no physical salesman is there who can convince your audience for purchase, and you cannot conversate with each and each and everyone who is viewing you on the internet.

At this point, a video sales letter is the key for sales. So helpful where you can create a video with some strategical way which directly affects the customer/viewer emotion and pushes him for purchase.

Let’s view some approach models

There is so many Sales Approach model but we discuss Some of the most used digital sales models.

SPIN Selling technique

SPIN Selling is all about putting the right question in the right place which increases the chance of your sales. Because the wrong question will ruin the entire sales process of the sales.

SPIN Based on 4 types of questions for closing the sales.

  • S – Situation – It’s and basic question of every sale cycle if you are selling things on a digital medium & trying to generate your digital sales. So this question is so crucial in the beginning. 

This will help you understand your customer’s exact situation, and when you understand his situation, you built a common ground between both of you.

You have to understand the service/product you are offering will help him as a solution or not.

Take a simple example – 

If you are selling online video-creating software.

So the first question which you can throw to your viewers is something be like – 

Which type of software or editing platform you are using for your professional business videos?

After this question, a stage knows as the situation’s satisfaction arises. This situation occurs when you have a large audience and maybe some of them are well satisfied with their existing services the chances of conversion by these people are slightly less in comparison with those who are searching for any change in their service. Conversion from that group of people will be easy for you because they are ready for change and searching for new alternatives.

  • P – Problem – In this step, you have to make aware your audience about the problem, tell your prospect, how that problem needs  to be solved & search for the related issue which will affect their business

 The question can be like 

What was the most problematic issue you face while creating your business videos?

This will help in the identification of the variety of problems in front of the customer.

Digital sales model
  •  I – Implication – In this question show the negative impact of issues from their existing services and focuses on urgency.

If you didn’t focus on this problem of video creation this will impact your business sales, bringing your total sales down!

  • N- Need Payoff Once your viewer understands that how much crucial your product is for his business it’s time to convert him from viewer to customer and close your sales. It’s time to Need-Payoff by providing the real solution present your product in front of him. 

The real sales occur when you sell a solution not the product 

This will increase your digital sales for this you need to prepare a proper strategic map to understand your customer.

video sales are so necessary for this digital sales method to cause the videos to be the link of face-to-face interaction.  

Internet Consulting Digital sales 

This sales approach is based on the traditional sales approach in this personal consulting is done but in this approach, Internet Consulting is done through ZOOM Meet, Google meet and many platforms.

How does this work and help in Digital sales generation 

It’s a 6 step process –  

  1. Meet the customer 
  2. Ask & Listen 
  3. Study & Analyze
  4. Guide
  5. Provide relevant solution 
  6. Close the deal

Research In the first step You need to find your customer, collect as much as possible information you can collect about your prospect that will help you for starting a conversation in the initial.

You need expert knowledge because you are consulting someone and your prospect can do any kind of cross-questions which will come to his mind so you need to be prepared for that.

Ask The sales depend on asking the right question which directly affects the pain-point of the customer. Start with more basic and general questions and move onto more specific ones. This will help in framing the situation and help in the idea of the solution.

Listen – be genuinely involved in your customer and understand as much information as possible. Identify what’s said, and more importantly, whatnot. Nonverbal signals like the nature of voice are just as meaningful too. Let the consumer do most of the talking. Ask clear questions like

How you will expand?

What are the different plans for the expansion of the business?

Is your business is dynamic and can face a sudden change in the industry?

This will create a positive impression on your customer.

Guide – Don’t explain about your product or service, but help them overcome a business challenge and build a plan to reach their goals that will automatically open the path for your sales.

Remember that always clear your intention throughout the conversation that you are willing to help your client not only trying to sell the product.

Provide a relevant solution – provide the relevant solution to your customer which built trust and loyalty If you’ve carefully listened and noted everything down, you can use this “juice” to send them relevant information in case you haven’t heard back from them while. Think about it analysis it and try to pitch them again.

Close the sales –  Closing the sale is your next and final step but still, it depends on the budget of the customer on which the decision relies that he will buy your product or not. For this situation you have to prepare some of the offers which you can share with the customer, they will be some low ticket product or service.

This method will increase your digital aisles it’s a time taken process but convert some high customers for you.

Sales Principle

Connect with your customers’ problems or goals 

  • Solve the product
  • Help in achieving the goals (goal statement)

The Interlinked Relation Between Digital Marketing and Digital sales

Digital Marketing is a complete package of marketing it’s not about one or two methods. The interlinked relation of each field builds the digital marketing industry.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing/Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Online Press Release
  • Inbound Marketing

 Does the big question arise that how the digital sales are interlinked or rely on digital marketing???

Some data below will justify the facts –

On average, email marketing has a 4400% ROI.(OptinMonster)

49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. (IBM)

74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement (Econsultancy)

95% of companies using marketing automation are taking advantage of email marketing

49% of consumers say they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands weekly. (Statista)

60% of consumers subscribe to a brand’s list to get promotional messages and deals. (MarketingSherpa)

Thanks to implementing a social selling program, IBM boosted sales by 400%. (IBM)

98% of sales reps with 5000+ LinkedIn connections meet or surpass sales quotas. (The Sales Benchmark Index)

55% of buyers research social media. (IBM)

31% of B2B professionals said that social selling allowed them to build deeper relationships with their clients. (SuperOffice)

87% of B2B buyers have a favorable impression of a salesperson if they were introduced to them through someone in their professional network. (LinkedIn)

45% of businesses send their leads one email per week. (Databox)

63% of marketers say their biggest content challenge is driving traffic and generating leads. (Omnicore)

66% of people say that email nurturing was the best way to reengage leads. (Databox)

In 2018, 12% of all retail sales globally were eCommerce sales. (Statista)

43% of eCommerce traffic comes from organic Google searches. (Wolfgang Digital)

When asked about conversational marketing, 82% of consumers expect a response within 5 minutes via online live chat. (Drift)

51% of shoppers have completed an online purchase with a smartphone. (Pew Research Center)

Mobile commerce sales, also known as mCommerce sales, will account for more than half of all eCommerce sales by 2021. (CBRE)

90% of people who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. (Dimensional Research)

Customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics. (B2B Content Marketing Trends Report)

Product reviews are 12x more trusted than product descriptions and sales copy written by manufacturers. (eMarketer)

1.66 billion people shop online each year. (Statista)

50% of consumers say online live chat is the most convenient way to reach a business.

Using visual content like videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%. (Eyeview)

74% of conversion rate optimization programs increase sales. (MarketingSherpa)

Multi-step forms in WordPress can lead to 300% more conversions. (Venture Harbour)

The data was clearly on sales and buyers. This completely supports the statement that digital sales generation depends on digital marketing because both are base on the Digital/internet industry.

Digital Sales Secret

Digital Sales is the easiest thing if you know the fundamental secrets and the best part is that whether it’s traditional or digital it works on both kinds of sales same.

Secrets are nothing just the combination of 

Technique + Approach + Strategy 

The important secret of sales is that –

Never try to sell your product as a single product, sell it as a complete package of products. 

If the seller understands this concept he can close any sales then it doesn’t matter it’s ordinary or digital sales.

For this, you need to learn the Product Project management system 

The product project management is based on 3 main things 

  1. Scope
  2. Time
  3. Cost
  1. Scope –  In this tell about,
  • What is your product? 
  • What does your product contain?
  • What they will get? 

Give a massive product description like  – 

  • Deliverables – What you give
  • Specification – The specification of content 
  • Objectives – The goal checklist
  • Exclusion – Things that are excluded this increase transparency and faith
  • Characteristics – The complete feature
  1. TimeTry to provide the best possible services in less time.
  1. Cost –  Create a strategic way to reduce the cost of the main product and build upsells & down-sell to increase profit margin. The low cost of the primary product will create a strong bond with your customer.

The concept of up-sell & down-sell is generally the best-preferred method in digital sales.

Sales management

According to this, if you restructure your sales strategy, there will be more than a 70% chance to close each client.

The second and crucial secret for Digital Sales or Traditional sales is Sell experience over Money 

Generate brand recall value, try to increase user experience for this you can use Experiential marketing. 

Digital Sales Strategy

The combination of Internet + Marketing leads to Digital Sales Strategy 

It’s nothing but how better you utilize the Internet’s power to reach up to more audiences and hook them.

Let’s discuss some strategies/hacks 

  1. Viral Marketing.
  2. Experiential Marketing. 
  3. Rub off effect sales.
  4. Grass root marketing.
  5. Wild posting.
  6. FOMO – (Fear of Missing Out)
Viral Marketing

Nothing but just a part of Digital marketing practices.where you viral your content through Paid ads, Social networking potential, Video clips, Word of mouth.

In the current time, Meme marketing is the best possible way for doing viral marketing on the internet through Instagram & Facebook.

Experiential Marketing.

In experiential marketing try to provide experience before sales. When consumer will be satisfied with the product the decision process will work more rapidly. 

Experiential marketing is also known as freemium or product demo marketing in this sampling technique is used some sample is given to user/customer.

In digital sales you can use this by providing trial period on product for few days. Which leads to customer satisfaction and increase the possibility of sales.

Grass Root Marketing Sales

This marketing method is used when a focused group of people are targeted for sales.

A community and sales revolve around them. Lets suppose that your product is related to students who are undergrad so your ADs, Marketing campaign and Sales funnel will revolve around them, they are the main audience for sales generation.

Take another example – If product is a software which is helpful for IT Professional then the whole sales process and techniques will  revolve around people who work in IT Sector.

The most important thing required for this digital sales model is identification of your exact audience.

Wild Posting

Its another marketing method which basically depend on a feeling of shock a different kind of advertisement marketing is used with thee help of Graphics, Visuals, Images, Print Ads. 

To create a sudden impact on consumer. Which pushes him for purchase,.

What is virtual sales funnel?

Virtual sales funnel is a marketing term its a procedure in which potential customer go through a path to purchase. One of most important part of digital sales generation.

Digital Sales funnel Adia

Attention: The first step in the marketing or advertising process is to examine how to attract the attention of consumers.

Interest: Once the consumer is aware that the product or service exists, the business must work on increasing the customer’s interest level. Increase more curiosity, engage your customer more in your services.

Desire: After the consumer is interested in the product or service, then the goal is to make consumers desire. Creating desire is a psychological game in this you need to change the mindset of the consumer, it like till now consumer liked your product but now you have to play your cards in this way that he will agree to buy it.

Action: The final goal is to drive the consumer to the marketing campaign to start the action and purchase the product or service. The action ends on the closing of a sale.

This is how the “Adia” sales model generates sales for your business just remember the key feature of sales and urgency. 

Sales funnel


In this model 3 simple steps are included Ask, Recommend, and Close 

This model of digital sales is highly useful in consultant marketing, where you – 

ASK – the problem in the first step.

RECOMMAND – the solution or suggestion for a solution.

CLOSE – Present your product as a solution for their problem and close the sales.

Conclusion So if we summarize the whole, everything about digital sales which we discussed above its clear that digital sales are not only a modern method for increasing sales, even it is a massive move which not only maximizes your profit but with that you can easily build your business for a long period

The ROI can even up to 80 to 90% when you do the marketing and sales with the strategies.

Digital sales depend on some Internet skills (SEM, SEO, FB Ads, Content) which are now profession. You can hire them for your business they help you out in business enrichment.

The J-curve is for sure which boost the business to the next level, whether its sales generation, customer nurture, client interaction, or sales close every move of your business will become perfect and digital sales is so necessary in this changing world where you also need to be dynamic to change your business according to them & convert sales cycle to continuous profit cycle.

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