7 top writing skills

7 Top underrated Writing Skills (4th one is ghost skill)

Good in writing but don’t know from where to start?

Are you curious to know about High-Income Writing Skills!!

Nowadays when technology is increasing day by day people are getting so many opportunities or in other words “Jobs” digitally.

There are various types of online jobs are available, in which “Typing or Writing” jobs are also included.

Now not only Offline but also Online you can choose your work or profession in writing, there are many varieties of Typing jobs are available on the internet.

If you want you can work as an employee but if you are craving for the independence of freelance then you can also do Typing on your own.

For Typing or Writing, you don’t need any degrees or certificates. Writing is a skill, if you have that skill then you can do it without any problem.

With skill, you need knowledge, knowledge about your work, topic, what you are going to write, and so on.

The writer is that person who delivers the feeling in form of words. If you know how to convey the required action message then you will easily settle in writing jobs. 

With time and experience your skill with also improve. Many writing careers are related to Digital Marketing.

1. Article Writing

We all have written articles in our school life.

An article is a written work published in a print or electronic medium. It may be to propagate news, research results, academic analysis, or debate.

If you are interested in article writing, journalism then this is the best job for you. You have to collect the knowledge about your article and write your thoughts on that topic.

Article writing is not easy but it is not difficult too if you have the skill and proper experience. You can write for newspapers and also online you can become an article writer.

For a career, an article writer is a good choice.

Some sites where you can write your articles and earn money : (Wow woman on writing, Strong Whispers, Link-able, Cracked.com, Watch Culture, Sitepoint, etc).

2. Blog Writer

Blogger is someone who blogs, whether it be from their blog someone else’s.

They are contributing to a Web Log of topics such as recipes, daily life, advice, fashion, etc. Blogging is in trend nowadays, there are many online platforms where you can write your blog as a freelancer.

The best-known blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. They’ve stood the test of time, provide built-in audiences, and both provide free security certificates for your blog. 

Blog writing has some major elements which are important for a perfect blog post

Some online websites where you can easily set up your blogging sites : (WordPress, Wix.com, Joomla.com, Medium.com, Ghost.org, Squarespace, Weebly.com).

3. E-Book Writer

The E-book is short for “electronic book”, and uses electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, etc.

The E-book has multiple “digital pages” that can people navigate through. If you love writing books then this job is for you. Nowadays people read but on the internet. People prefer E-books over books, they will rarely read directly from books.

The main reasons for people buying E-books are lower prices, increased comfort ease to read no need to carry multiple books, hundreds of books on technology, a single device. If you want to write your book then you can publish your E-book, and also you write for someone else.

There is every type of E-books are available on the internet educational, stories, cooking, fiction, non-fiction, etc.

There some good sites where you can write your E-book,  like :

Payhip, Amazon Kindle, Blurb, LuLu, Tradebit, NOOK Press, etc.

4. Ghost Writer

It’s clear in the name “Ghost Writer” that these writers do their jobs without getting known. 

Ghostwriters are those writers who get paid for writing someone else.

In other words, these writers write for those who are not getting enough time to write their pieces of stuff people like CEOs or entrepreneurs, who want to write but due to lack of time they are unable to do it so, they hire someone else who writes for them.

It depends on the job of a ghostwriter, they can write under their client’s name or be credited as a collaborator.

They write Blog posts, Books, Memoirs, articles, etc, and Some online websites: Freedom with Writing, Blogmutt, Upwork, Guru, etc.

5. Technical Writer

A technical writer is a professional writer that communicates complex information. They create technical documentation that includes things like instruction manuals, user manuals, journal articles, quick reference guides, and white papers.

They may also create more common types of content including social media posts, press releases, and web pages.

Technical writers are those who write

guidelines about technology products and services like smartphones, laptops, etc.

They are subject matter experts that often have an educational background in technical fields including engineering, computer science, information technology, and information development.

They are subject matter experts that often have an educational background in technical fields including engineering, computer science, information technology, and information development.

6. Copywriter

Copywriting is used for purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. In marketing language product is called copy or sales copy and a product is written content that aims to increase brand awareness.

Copywriters help in creating billboards, brochures, catalogs, jingle lyrics, magazines, newspaper advertisements other marketing communications. Most advertising companies hire copywriters, which is best for improving your skill and for earning a good income.

Some copywriters work as freelancers, you can also call them independent contractors, they write for many clients. They can work at a client’s office,  or from their own home.

7. Product Description Writer

A product description has the power to make or break the sale. You have to work hard in developing good products and services.

In this writing job you have to write about the product of your company or about the product of under which company you are working. Explaining about your product in detailing and in a way that consumers will read about your product.

It helps in giving the full and right information to the consumer of your product.

You can promote your product, business through writing, it helps in spreading awareness. Make sure you don’t lose business because of the poorly written product descriptions. Describe your quality products

with creativity for attracting your consumers towards your product to buy them. Good Product descriptions boost your sales.

There are many online sites where you can apply for typing jobs and work with your interest and

get a good income. If you have skill in writing then these jobs are comfortable, interesting well as

profitable for you. You can work from anywhere, anytime, there is no need for an office if want to work as a freelancer.

You can work from home. Writing is only a single field their many fields that only a skill which is highly paid work from home.

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